Biogas Upgrading 

Engas UK is introducing a well proven, robust and rugged containerised biogas upgrading technology to convert raw biogas into Bio-CNG fuel. Engas uses only water to clean raw biogas.  We are able to remove H2S from as high as 1200 ppm to less than 50ppm or even less than 20ppm depending on other aspects. We can enrich raw biogas up to 95% pure bio-methane in a single-scrubbing process which is suitable as vehicles fuel or in gas-gensets to make electricity. We also remove CO2, NH3, Siloxanes from raw biogas. We can also remove NOx emission and post combustion CO2 emission from the exhausts of gas-genset to make it completely zero emission solution.

EV charging and refuelling

Engas UK uses bio-CNG fuel to make electricity on demand to provide off-grid, rapid EV charging solution that many cities, towns and rural areas struggle to get enough power from the grid. One of this bank of gas cylinders as shown above stores 6MWh (HHV) energy. In comparison with Lithium Ion batteries to store 3MWh about two 40feet container will be required which shows the excellent energy density of bio-CNG fuel. 

Equipment rental

Engas UK bring a unique business model to reduce the financial risk the biogas producers. Engas UK is interested to buy raw biogas from AD plant operators. Engas UK will also install own equipment at its own cost. This is to allow Engas UK to own the purified Bio-CNG fuel and then to use it for higher value application e.g. EV charging, refuelling, and back up power generation to displace diesel from large site operators.

Working Concept

The following diagram shows biogas upgrading to biomethane fuel for multi modal use case.

Engas UK 

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Engas UK