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Small Scale biogas production and Biomethane vehicle refuelling station

What sets us apart from our competitors?

Nobody is currently shipping raw biogas as everybody needs to upgrade the biogas first, but this is not cost effective in small scale using the current products, resulting in a vast wastage of untapped biogas. 

Nobody has a small scale, 70% lower cost CO2 capturing system to purify raw biogas into Bio-CNG and Bio-CO2. 

Engas UK’s Novelty: 

Direct Compression of Raw Biogas to upgrade it and fill biomethane into cylinders. Engas UK compressor uses a novel method to compress any gas from ambient pressure up to 250bar. Engas UK's technology has >98% volumetric efficiency compared to 75% in competitor's system. 


The present state of the art requires raw biogas to be compressed first at 8-10bar; then the CO2 is removed by various methods i.e. Pressure Swing Absorption, membrane filtration, scrubbing in water/amine solution and also by cryogenic method.


But Engas UK's novel CO2 capturing compressor eliminates the conventional multiple-steps of 8-10bar compression, CO2 removal and then gas-drying, by just one single step of DIRECT COMPRESSION of Raw-dirty biogas to produce 97% pure bio-methane at 50% better efficiency, at higher reliability due to less-parts-count and at 70-90% lower capital cost.

Engas UK's CO2  capturing compression chamber has NO MOVING part as no wear and tear. The core innovation has been reviewed by several world leading companies and Engas UK has already sold this product and now beyond the prototyping stage. 

Engas UK's affordable Bio-CNG production unit suitable for 1-5 tonnes/day  organic waste processing to Bio-gas and then to Bio-CNG


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